Kaiser Permanente MGA/AM administers an Employee Referral Program (ERP), which provides cash awards to eligible Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington (KFHPWA) employees.


The ERP enhances KFHPWA’s recruitment efforts toward hard-to-fill staff vacancies.


All of the following requirements must be met in order for the referring KFHPWA employee to receive the ERP award payout:

  • The referred KFHPWA employee must have properly applied and been hired (as a new hire to Kaiser Permanente) for an award-eligible position.
  • The referring KFHPWA employee must complete sections I and II of the ERP Submission Form and return it to Recruitment Services within 30 days of the new hire's start date.
  • The new hire's start date will be considered the referral date used to determine eligibility.
  • The referring and referred employee must be actively employed by KFHPWA at the time of the ERP cash award payout.
  • Position must be benefited (0.5 FTE or higher).


  • Employees with supervisory responsibility for the referred new hire within area or scope of responsibility.
  • Prospective candidates referred to Kaiser Permanente through search firms or executive staffing agencies (both contingent and retained) who are subsequently hired by KFHPWA.
  • Previous employees who were contracted through a temporary agency, registry, or traveler and applied to an ERP-eligible position within 12 months of leaving the company.
  • Former KP employees who terminated employment within the last 12 months.
  • Employees of KFHPWA Human Resources (Human Resources staff, Recruitment).
  • Any physicians, employees, or staff employed by Washington Permanente Medical Group (WPMG).


  • Positions will be designated as eligible for ERP and include specified campaign start and stop dates. (To view a list of current ERP eligible positions and award amounts please visit the Rewards Page)
  • The award will be received as one lump-sum disbursement after the new hire has completed 90 days of employment.
  • ERP awards are considered employee income and are therefore subject to tax, per state and IRS guidelines. The referring employee receives the net amount once the tax is deducted from the gross amount of the award.
  • Referred new hire must identify one referring employee. Award payments will not be split among multiple current employees.
  • Eligible employees may refer applicants for any number of eligible ERP positions and be eligible to receive multiple awards if the referrals are hired and meet the program specifications.
  • The MGA/AM or designee along with the Recruitment Services Incentive Committee reserve the right to modify or discontinue the ERP program at any time. Any remaining award payments due to the employee that are in process at the time of such change or discontinuance will be honored.