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Program Overview


How do I know if a position is award-eligible?

“Award-eligible” jobs will be indicated as "Referral Eligible" within the job description and will include a referral link. These positions fall under this Employee Referral Award Program (ERAP) and can be found on our website at

Referrals can be made to any position listed on—even those that are not award-eligible. In fact, we encourage you to make referrals to ALL positions. It’s a great way to build our team and contribute to the perfect environment.

These guidelines are specific to ERAP positions.


Kaiser Permanente Southern California’s Employee Referral Award Program provides cash awards to eligible current employees who refer external candidates to ERAP-designated positions. Award-eligible positions are identified as such in the job description on Please note that not all positions are award-eligible.


The Employee Referral Award Program enhances Kaiser Permanente’s recruitment efforts directed at filling hard-to-fill vacancies that meet specified criteria. It’s also a great way for everyone at Kaiser Permanente to contribute to our team.

  1. All current Kaiser Permanente employees and physicians are eligible to participate in the ERAP except the following:
    1. Employees or physicians with supervisory responsibilities over the referred candidate within their area or scope of responsibility.
    2. Employees of Human Resources (Human Resources staff, Talent Acquisition team members, and those in SCPMG Physician Recruitment).
  2. All of the following requirements must be met:
    1. The applicant must have applied to and been hired for a posted ERAP-eligible position.
    2. The referring employee must complete Section I of the ERAP Applicant Referral Form and return it to Talent Acquisition within 30 days of the referred employee’s start date.
    3. The referred employee (new hire) must complete Section II of the ERAP Applicant Referral Form and return it to Talent Acquisition within 30 days of their start date.
    4. The referring employee’s name must be indicated on the new hire’s online profile or communicated to Talent Acquisition at the time of their interview.
    5. To be eligible for a referral award, the referring employee and the new hire must be on active payroll status on the date of referral and upon the specific date the award is distributed.
  1. Department managers develop recommendations for award-eligible positions and review them with their recruiter and administrative designee.
  2. Final review and approval of all ERAP requests are the responsibility of the appropriate recruitment manager.
  3. The cost of the referral award is charged to the hiring department and approval forms are submitted to Talent Acquisition.
  4. D. If either the referring employee or the new hire terminates employment prior to scheduled payment, the referring employee will not be eligible for the award.
  1. ERAP-eligible positions will be designated within their job posting on as "Employee Referral-Eligible".
  2. Any eligible current employee may refer an external applicant for an ERAP-designated position by completing the ERAP Applicant Referral Form which is available from Talent Acquisition, and forwarding the form to the prospective applicant.
  3. The new hire’s start date will be considered the referral date used to determine eligibility.
  4. The referred applicant must identify one source. Award payments will not be split among current employees.
  5. If an employee referral is made for a position that becomes ERAP-eligible during the hiring process (prior to the start date), the referring employee will be eligible to receive the ERAP award.
  6. If the applicant is hired for the eligible position, the referring employee will receive the award in a single payment after the new hire has completed 90 consecutive days of employment.
  7. All ERAP awards are considered employee income and are therefore subject to tax per IRS guidelines. The referring employee receives the net amount once the tax is deducted from the gross amount of the award.
  8. An eligible employee may refer applicants for any number of ERAP positions and is eligible to receive multiple awards for those positions if the referrals are hired.
  9. The Director of Talent Acquisition reserves the right to modify or discontinue the ERAP program at any time. Any remaining award payments due to the employee that are in process at the time of such change or discontinuance will be honored.
The following are not eligible to be referred through the ERAP:
  1. Applicants previously presented to Talent Acquisition or any management employee by a search firm, temporary agency, registry, etc., within the past 12 months.
  2. Any former Kaiser Permanente employees whose dates of employment are less than two years from their termination dates.

For a printable version of these guidelines, please click here .