Strengthening Our Team from the Inside Out

With so many talented employees and physicians, our workforce is a tremendous source of pride for our organization. And who better to identify and recommend candidates whose skills and values align with our mission than our own employees who support our goals on a daily basis?

We encourage you to introduce your talented and passionate friends, family members, or former colleagues to career opportunities at Kaiser Permanente.

Refer A Friend To Join Our Dynamic Team

All job descriptions on our external careers site include a share function, enabling you to share the job page itself with those in your network via a variety of channels.

Additionally, some of the positions here, on our employee job search site, have been designated "employee referral-eligible." If a job is employee referral-eligible, this will be indicated in the job description. Click here to view a list of employee referral-eligible positions.

Region-Specific Programs

Some of our regions offer unique Employee Referral programs. Additional information is provided via the links below.

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